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Notice of nondiscrimination

At Clinimed Group, everyone is welcome

Clinimed Group is a medical clinic that offers health services for the entire population. Our mission is to offer quality healthcare at fair prices to our patients to help them have a better life. Clinimed Group has a non-discrimination policy of equal access to healthcare regardless of race, education, sexual orientation, politics or any other affiliation.

At Clinimed Group, we do not discriminate. In Mexico City, it is prohibited to deny, exclude or distinguish the access or provision of the service to any person or social group based on their national origin, language, sex, gender, age, disability, social condition, indigenous identity, gender identity, appearance. physical, health conditions, religion, ways of thinking, sexual orientation or preference, for having tattoos or any other reason that has the purpose of preventing the enjoyment and exercise of human rights.

For more information:
Non-discrimination Line | LOCATEL 55 5658 1111

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